Tip of the Month: The Best Colors to Accent Your Houseplants

If you love your houseplants as much as the family dog, then it’s likely that your home is filled with beautiful flora. For those who love to grow plants in their home, we find that there are a few colors that work well in combination with the natural hues of houseplants. Here at Horner Painting, we’ve seen homes with about as much foliage inside as outside, and we find that a few select paint colors work best to make the most of your houseplants — here are suggestions that you can try!


White tends to work well with any color combination, and it has a proven appeal in spaces with plenty of lighting and plantlife. White, off-white, and light grey walls open up a room, giving it an appearance of being more spacious. With white walls, your space will have a more breathable, clean appeal, and you’ll love the airy look of your room. Plus, white walls leave all of the color to the plants themselves, quietly turning them into the room’s main accents.

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Similarly, charcoal serves as an excellent backdrop, lending all of the focus to the houseplants of a room. Use charcoal in larger rooms, since it tends to make a room feel smaller, and make sure that there is plenty of light in the room, since darker tones will absorb the sun’s rays that would otherwise scatter through the space. Consider charcoal as an accent wall color if you’d like.

Espresso Brown

On the same theme, espresso brown lends power to the plants in a room, serving as a background. However, unlike charcoal or white, you’re introducing an earth tone into the space. Earth tones have a calming effect, and they work well in spaces with natural elements (including, of course, plants). Consider opting for espresso brown if you have wooden floors, a stone hearth, marble countertops, wood cabinets, or other natural elements. You’ll love how the brown hue helps to express the liveliness of your plants while blending with the natural theme of your home.

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Seafoam works well with plantlife, mimicking the liveliness of the plants themselves. Giving your houseplants a seafoam backdrop will bring character to the room, making your space lively, vibrant, and even exciting without feeling overpowering or uncalm. Consider placing plants near the surfaces of your seafoam walls to have them cast shadows throughout the day — this will create intrigue by naturally draw the eye between the plants in the foreground of the room to the beautifully matching walls, which continue throughout the space.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is especially calming, and could even be considered “cold” if it weren’t for the liveliness of the plants that you’ll have scattered throughout the room. Go with navy blue for a clean, high-class, bold look. Navy blue is particularly beautiful in modern-style homes and it can work well to pair with your furniture and furnishings, as well as your plants. Just be wary that, due to its dark tone, navy blue can make some spaces appear smaller. So use this heavy blue as an accent color, or in larger rooms with plenty of light.

Transform Your Home Interior

Settling on the right color to suit your home may be as easy as comparing paint swatches side by side with your plants. Once you’ve discovered the perfect combination for your flora and your abode, we’d be ecstatic to apply the paint. Horner Painting proudly provides home painting services, including both interior and exterior painting, for folks throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Fort Collins. If you’re ready to get your project off the ground, or if you’d like to get some help as you select the perfect paint colors for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call — we’re here to help!

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