Top Summer Colors and Where to Use Them

Summer is just around the corner, meaning that you’re getting ready to make some changes to your home. Whether you are hoping to renovate the kitchen or just switch up the color of your kids’ bedrooms, now is the time to take action! Read on to learn some of the hottest summer color trends for you home, and contact Northern Colorado’s trusted painting contractors at Horner Painting today to schedule your appointment!

Cobalt Blue

This blue is mellow, soothing, and perfect for both relaxation and concentration. Don’t be scared to adorn your home office walls with a calm blue to keep your headspace clear and focused. If your home is strictly for relaxation, choose this as an accent wall.

Bright Orange

While you may not want to paint an entire wall orange, some orange detailing and furniture could be just the pop of color your space needs to match the summer weather. Orange is an instant energizer, so strategically place your orange in a living room or even home fitness center. If you want to ease your way into bold color, choose wall decals with orange detailing to start.

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Vibrant Yellow

What color says “sunshine” better than a vibrant yellow? Adding yellow accents and decor is a perfect way to bring a little sunshine to any room in the house. Choose a mellow neutral, such as a deep gray for the walls, and use yellow accent pieces to liven up the space. This way, with a solid neutral wall, you will be able to alter the decor and color scheme within the room to fit the seasons, if that is your style.

Soft Gray

This dreamy shade of gray is the ideal match for any style, whether you’re envisioning a classic space or a modern feel. You can cover your kitchen in this shade of gray or even your bedroom—regardless of your preferred decor, soft gray pairs wonderfully with both bold brights and cool neutrals.

Sky Blue

If you are choosing sky blue this summer, don’t be afraid to go big with it. Paint an entire room this color, or find a sky blue couch to be the focal point of your room. Regardless, this gentle shade is a great choice for any room that needs a soft lift, such as a guest bedroom or even a child’s bedroom.

Apple Red

Whether it be your dining room or your kitchen, a bold, standout red will stimulate your productivity, passion, and warmth. Summer is a time of longer days, warmer afternoons, and high energy. Embrace these parts of the season by choosing a bright red accent wall to transform your living space.

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